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Way2Foods Combo Packs included standard “Branded combo packs” including Vegetable Combo and “Convenient combo packs”. Combo packs are normally convenient economy packs of a standard size and the key features of combo packs are combination of relevant items and economy or discounted packs for different size of households and consumers. Way2Foods “Vegetable Combo” covers only semi perishable produce incl. onion, potato, beetroot, bottle gourd, cabbage, knol-khol etc. and weighing between 500g to 1 Kg each and sweet pumpkin 2 Kg.

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Vegetables Combo net weight will be 9 Kgs that may be suitable for a small family per week. In addition to branded vegetables combo packs, convenient combo packs such as Way2Foods Combo - Essential Veg, Regular Veg., Major Veg. (hard), Major Veg. (soft), Leafy veg. and Fruits are also available both in the form of regular pack and small packs. or Way2Foods supply vegetables combos to households, HORECA customers and other users or buyers whether it is in bulk or small quantities also with other vegetables and food products.